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Graphic design is a collaborative process that brings us closer to you and your business. The quality of our work is a direct result of our ability to listen and understand your core values. Our goal – to create stunning visuals that best communicates your message and reflects your brand’s unique identity. Working across a wide range of graphic design disciplines, our unique combination of research, awareness, strategy and creativity has forged long-term relationships, and have delivered high-value business solutions.



As a creative agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to take a simple everyday document and transform it into a communication for change. Whether you need PowerPoint slides, business cards, brochures or newsletters, we can deliver a design that enhances whatever you need, and communicate it to whoever you want it to. Check out our portfolio to view some of our exceptional work!




A website whose function is to sell products online will be built fairly differently to one that is needed to raise awareness or a promotion. At Rezel, we will aspire to establish a good understanding and professional relationship between the client and our designer/s, in order to achieve the aims and requirements of the website needing to be built.


Based on your needs, our consultants will prepare a pre-development report providing you with the most appropriate recommendations for your online presence.
We ensure to make our clients aware of the pros and cons of various technologies, making it easier for them to make an informed decision in order to choose the right platform for their business, blog or personal website.


TThis is the phase which all “Rezellions” enjoy the most. Harnessing their skills and experience, they strive to innovate in order to create something new, unique and effective, with the ultimate aim of maximising the reach of your product, service or message that you wish to promote.

Your target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration at this stage. A site aimed at teenagers, for instance, will look different to the one meant for a financial institution.
As part of the development phase, it is also important to incorporate branding elements such as the company logo and colours, to help strengthen the identity of your company across the website.


In today’s competitive digital age, it is simply not sufficient enough to just have an elegant and good-looking website. Businesses also need to have a strong online marketing strategy to maximise the reach of their products and / or services.

After your website is fully tested by our quality assurance team, our SEO experts will provide detailed information on how to manage and promote your business using the online platform.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking to increase the number of visitors to your website and outrank your competitors?
You’ve probably heard it all before from SEO companies – and likely are struggling to get ranked on the top positions.
Rezel Labs offer a simple, proven and low-risk approach increasing your rankings in Google.
Key Benefits of our SEO services:

  • Modern-approach to SEO that works
  • Safe SEO techniques to beat Google
  • Tools to X-ray your competitors and help you overtake them
  • Full Reporting & Trackable Progress
  • Proven results. Over 1,800 projects!
  • No long contract.

Our approach uses high quality, authentic methods that help improve Google Rankings safely.
We’d love to review your website (for free) – so get in contact using the form to the right.

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Brand Strategy

Whether you’re refreshing, repositioning, redesigning or looking for something totally new, our unique combination of intuitive creativity and brand-design strategy, provides instantly identifiable and memorable results.

Our brand-design and development strategies ensure effective brand-engagement throughout your business touch-points, creating compelling customer experiences across all your communication channels.

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At Rezel Labs, we aim to provide the best possible home for your websites by utilising the very latest tech to deliver the reliability and performance your business can depend on. Our platforms have been developed by our in-house team of experts from the ground up to ensure that they are optimised for our services and can be quickly upgraded for future requirements.

We only use high-spec Dell servers with the latest generation of Intel processors, so you can rest assured that your website is running on fast, high quality hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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