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Nadeem Zaidi

Creative Director

Nadeem, our founder and creative director, has worked with and for numerous fortune 500 companies, before starting Rezel Labs. A seasoned business development professional, Nadeem engages with the senior management of various public and private sector organisations in order to develop and win new projects.
With a keen passion in Formula 1, he is all about pushing the envelope at every given moment; be it in technology, design or overall creativity.

Hobbies: F1 and when he has the time, more F1!

Salman Merchant

Technical Director

From an early age, Salman has been recognised as a pioneer in the field of development, and making a name for himself by building fully customised websites for NGO’s and government-based programmes.
At a young age of 19, Salman was awarded and recognised as the Web Designer of the Year by the Association of Webmasters in 2012, for his outstanding work with various social causes.
Salman derives great inspiration from his profound love of wildlife and nature.

Hobbies: Cricket; Travelling; Safari and Skiing.

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Theodor has been an illustrator for many award-winning, design consultants for over 20 years! He can create just about any style of illustrations – from amusing characters, icons and diagrams, to technical illustrations and paintings. Since his early days as a child, Theo has always put pencil to paper, and therefore a career in illustration was of no surprise. However, on one fine day, Theo was offered a unique opportunity at a well-known football club to play as a defender. It was there, where he then had the chance to meet the legendary footballer, Ian Wright.

Hobbies: Football and ridiculing Liverpool supporters.



Having graduated with a BA (Hons) in Marketing and a Masters in International Business, Hussein’s only desire would be to now qualify with a PHD in OCD-Proofreading! Yes, quite literally, Hussein has an over compulsive disorder when it comes to content writing and indeed, proofreading.
Hussein has written for well-established organisations in the UK and abroad, some of which include award-winning charitable organisations! He is masterful in creating content that is engaging, insightful and witty.

Hobbies: Liverpool Football Club. Enough said.

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Web Developer

Nina is a web developer and designer creating custom CMS sites, using WordPress and Craft CMS or Jekyll for static websites and blogs. She is confident working with Sass, HTML5, jQuery / JavaScript, Ajax and some basic PHP and Ruby.

Web development covers some of her greatest interests: imagining beautiful and functional designs, learning through complex technical challenges and creating sites that make people happy.

Hobbies: Yoga, long distance cycling and seeing the world



Morena has tremendous experience than most people in travelling, through-which she has derived a strong passion for in photography. Morena is therefore well-suited and experienced to recommend the right type of imageries for your project!

Morena has travelled to more destinations then most which is where her passion for photography comes from and makes her a great person to recommend the right type of images for your project.

Hobbies: Sharing my life through the lens of my SLR.

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